Mr. Yue Yanying

Fujino and the Waldorf School
Mr. Yue Yanying
Born in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China. Moved to Japan 15 years ago. Lives with his Japanese wife and two children who both go to the Fujino Waldorf School.

We moved to Fujino for our children’s education. We were planning to send them to the mainstream schools but my wife had interest in Waldorf (Steiner) education. We decided to enroll our children at the Fujino Waldorf School and moved to Takao at the edge of Tokyo Metropolitan Area, which is two train stations from Fujino. The children initially commuted from Takao to Fujino everyday by car via winding mountain roads but we started to feel that the commute was not doing any good for our children. We then decided to move to Fujino. My work commute to downtown Tokyo became longer but I am used to it now.

When I came to Japan, my priority was just like the proverb, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” so I assimilated myself into Japanese culture. After I came to the Fujino Waldorf School, everything changed. There are parents from different countries who do not hesitate to be themselves, and that has some natural and positive effect on others. The Asian Waldorf Teachers’ Conference was held in Fujino two years ago. It attracted over 400 teachers from all over Asia. We had enough resources to handle all the different language needs. I thought that was amazing.

I started to think that I would like to introduce things about China to people in Fujino. I think there are many people in Fujino who would like to know more about different countries. Someone pushed me asking, “Who else can introduce China if you don’t?” I finally became confident that I can probably teach something about regular Chinese life, although I can’t be the perfect Chinese Tourism Ambassador from the beginning.

Fujino is rich in nature, but that alone doesn’t make it unique. In addition to beautiful nature, Fujino has a harmonious and friendly ambience. It attracts many artists and foreigners who immigrate, so it is rich in culture. I really feel relaxed in Fujino. My family cannot agree with me more. I would like to contribute so Fujino will be where various cultures live harmoniously.


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