Fujino Satoyama Experience tours


Seventy percent of Japan is mountainous. Satoyama is a term for habitations in the lower altitude mountains, where inhabitants and nature have a symbiotic relationship. Satoyama forests provide charcoal and lumber for the inhabitants, and the inhabitants maintain the health of the forest by conscientious tree thinning. In Japan, many Satoyama areas are now neglected. However in Fujino, Satoyama continues to flourish.

You will spend a day with a host family in Fujino and experience typical life in Fujino with Fujino Satoyama Experience tours. Each family offers unique activities such as working in the vegetable garden or in the mountains, playing in the river or forest, making traditional food or strolling through the nature. You will also have a chance to make and enjoy a traditional lunch with the host family. You will get to know how people in Fujino live. Advance booking is required for the tour. Please contact the Fujino Tourism Board for a reservation.


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