Fujino Workshop for Art and the Artist Corridor

Fujino is called “the town where art is alive”. Fujino Workshop for Art is a facility that provides woodwork, pottery, and glass making. It also houses a music studio and concert hall. Reasonably priced accommodation, and a camp site with barbeque pits, are also available here.

Just up the slope from the Fujino Workshop for Art is the Art Village where local artists exhibit and sell their personal creations. Art displays are in renovated container houses.
There are about 30 outdoor sculptures along the 6-km Artist Corridor. The Green Love Letter which can be seen from Fujino Train Station is one of them. Each sculpture is unique, and many people enjoy viewing them while walking along the Art Corridor.

Fujino’s art life is more than the facilities and art work. Many local artists initiate fun and unique events throughout the year. These events make life in Fujino exceptionally lively and interesting. Attending one of these events is highly recommended.


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