The Permaculture Movement

Community of “Three Firsts in Japan”
Located in the rural suburb of Tokyo with a small residential population of under 9,000, Fujino may appear as an ordinary town in Japan. On the contrary, Fujino was first to launch three initiatives in Japan.

In Fujino, many groups and organizations practice a lifestyle which is sustainable in harmony with nature. One such group represents the permaculture movement. According to Australians David Holmgren and Bill Mollison who founded the permaculture concept, the term “permaculture” is a neologism formed from the words “permanent” and “agriculture.” Today, this concept is understood as a life design method that enables us to achieve “permanent” “culture,” or in other words a symbiotic relationship that enriches both human being and nature. Globally, the permaculture movement is also evolving in New Zealand, in the U.S.A., and in Canada.

The movement in Japan was first established in Fujino and Permaculture Center Japan was founded in 1996. The center runs permaculture courses (practical training and design courses) on a regular basis and hosts a variety of events that relate to the permaculture movement.

Permaculture Center Japan

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